n. Japanese mink; fur of the Japanese mink

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • kolinsky — /keuh lin skee/, n., pl. kolinskies. 1. an Asian mink, Mustela sibirica, having buff or tawny fur. 2. the fur of such an animal. [1850 55; perh. alter. of Russ kolonkí, pl. of KOLONÓK kolinsky Evenki (NW dials.) xolongo] * * * also spelled… …   Universalium

  • kolinsky — [kə lɪnski] noun (plural kolinskies) a dark brown bushy tailed weasel, found from Siberia to Japan. [Mustela sibirica.] Origin C19: from Kola, a port in NW Russia, + the pseudo Russian ending insky …   English new terms dictionary

  • kolinsky — /kəˈlɪnski/ (say kuh linskee) noun (plural kolinskies) 1. a mink, Mustela sibirica, of Siberia and northern Asia having fur uniformly buff or tawny, somewhat paler below, varied with black and white on the head. 2. the fur of such an animal.… …   Australian English dictionary

  • kolinsky — [kə lin′skē, kōlin′skē] n. pl. kolinskies [Russ kolinskij, after Kola, district in N Russia] 1. any of several weasels of Asia, esp. a Russian species (Mustela siberica) 2. the brown fur of a kolinsky …   English World dictionary

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